Introducing Nica Life Project

Introducing Nica Life Project

Reynolds MakerAug 10, '20

Liz & Jerry founded Nica Life to create fair trade jobs and opportunity in underserved areas of Nicaragua. At Nica Life, we believe that in order to break the cycle of poverty, women must have access to both a living wage and education. We are committed to paying living wages and funding education & development programs for all our artisans. In 2020, we were accepted into the Fair Trade Federation! 

To learn more about what we do, watch our video below!

The sale of Nica Life handmade Jewelry funds the wages and all our programs. We are so proud of our programs! In 2019, after re-evaluating our employee's needs, we relaunched our education initiative with the Well-Being & Empowerment Program. This program combines meditation & mindfulness with sessions designed to help with stress management, focus, and achieving goals even in difficult circumstances. We are so proud of the women of Nica Life & all they are accomplishing! 

We are happy to continue our partnership with UPNicaragua. In 2020 & 2021 Nica Life is sponsoring several modules in their fellowship program designed to empower the next generation of Nicaraguan women. The fellowship is created for girls aged 13-18 whom are chosen for their desire to learn and to help others. The program is made up of 760 education hours divided in three content blocks designed to teach social education, professional skills, and emotional skills.