Gift Candle Southern Peach Scent with Dream Keepsake Stone


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We've all been in situations where we are searching for that perfect gift; the one that combines just the right mix of thought, beauty, and usefulness. We wanted a gift that could convey a message of love or encouragement that continues far beyond the usual flowers or casserole. And so we created a one of a kind product that does just that. Our Good Thoughts candles feature a gorgeous custom ceramic vessel, our signature coconut soy wax blend, and sophisticated fragrances all wrapped up in an elegant gift box. Embedded in the candle is a white quartz stone engraved with the Amani flower design and the word Dream

Most people think about their future at specific points in their lives: going to college, falling in love, starting a new job. But sometimes, we get caught up in the daily grind of work, school or other commitments and in the process, we stop dreaming about the future we want to create. Dream is perfect for a new graduate, new parent, setting a goal, moving to a new home, starting a business, or just because. Features a juicy peach fragrance with tropical notes.

When the candle finishes burning, the stone will be revealed and the recipient can remove the stone (carefully!) and keep it along with the ceramic vessel. Carry the stone in your pocket or put on a desk or dresser as a daily reminder of the intent and good wishes in which it was given. Or, perhaps, you can pass the stone on to someone else who might need it. The blue and white container does double duty as a pretty planter for succulents. Each scent contains a different engraved stone.

Product Details:
-Wax: soy coconut blend
-Burn Time 60+ hours
-Scent profile: Southern Peach
-Engraved Keepsake Stone: Dream

Amani Bath and Body supports Kate's Club, an Atlanta-based organization serving children grieving the loss of a parent or sibling.